Mittwoch, 16. November 2011

Leave it or take part

My dear British Fellows,
this blog post goes out to you in order to imploringly beg you to leave the European Union. We all know, that everyone on both sides of the channel would be happier if so. To convince you, I collected three reasons which are simple to understand.

First of all, that given your mindset, Great Britain mentally and politically rather belongs to the USA than to continental Europe. Your policital orientation is fixed to your big brother in Washington and eventually it's of no interest to you what really happens on the Continent. And meanwhile after years of rejection of any european matter - surprise, surprise - Continental Europe got it's own political agenda, it's own way to manage things... and of course a more social way of life. And while Great Britain eliminated itself from the european table, Europe itself starts to understand more and more about the necessarity of doing some basic changes and improvements to our squeaky and creaky financial system. All of us know for example, that a financial transaction tax will become reality within the next years. And while Europe focuses on this task, you folks are not even capable to think about it. Instead, you try to protect the last industry your country has, desciable "London city", at all cost - and you pay with billions of taxpayer-money for that. Or furthermore, Germany and France go ahead for an increasing cooperation and integration and less nationalism and you do just opposite. While we have an european vision, your only reflex is to stick to your old-fashioned dreams of an independent, strong and nationalistic Great Britain. This might not be a bad dream at all, but it's so 19th century and no longer our dream. And so we should leave it to you and to you alone.

The second reason is, that your country and economy are no longer an important member of the European Union at all. Europe has grown and integrated in many ways, several new countries entered the Union and you are doing hard to accept, that the Franco-German-coalition has a fast pace for more integration. And while we are doing so, Great Britain had already left the building and is in fact no longer an important and necessary member of the future union. The Euro-Crisis gives an impressive demonstration: you are rightfully not consulted for any measure we are talking about. Furthermore, your political influence has been diminished by yourself and the limits your own nationalistic parliament and population imposed to your polictical leaders. Britain has vanished from the European stage and it was your own wish to do so. The last and the current European Crises showed the remarkable needlessness of Great Britain to solve them and it showed your reluctance to be solidary with others. In fact, it has become irrelevant, if you are or are not a member of the Union. So you can leave her as well.

And last but not least, just confess that overall you don't like to be a member of the European Union. This starts with the ridiculous deduction of the financial contributions to the union and it ends with the revealing of your even more ridiculous attitude of arrogance. Every time, Germany, France or other countries try to induce some closer cooperation, we can bet that you will grizzle and intervene because of some archaic, nationalistic behavior. Every two months, some member of the British Parlament or other populistic organizations already demands, that Britain abandones the European Union. So, my suggestion is to give in and do so. Just leave us alone as we can do for our own and you will be more happy without us.Of course, the other option would be to take a real part within Europe. But to be realistic, we rather would see the Catholic Church abandon papacy than Great Britain be a reliable and progressive member of the European Union. 

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  1. Certainly the UK will remain being part of the European Union. I do not like the rhetorical style of this entry nor the content. Difficulties should be handled rather on communicative eye-level than on the basis of polemics. At least there's some valid claim in inquiring british support and competence regarding temporary state of things.